Adobe Auto Update Dilemma

AutoupdateIf you are using a computer, probably you will use Adobe product at some point. I like some Adobe products. However, in some cases it bothers me when I find that the Adobe team simply ignores the users, either knowingly or unknowingly. One issue we all face with Adobe product is, historically it wants to update itself too often. Within the boundary of traditional software engineering, it is somewhat allowed to release too quick and too many. However, the team has probably forgotten that too frequent update in modern days refer to an immature product. Especially, if the update has to come with sever warning that a vital security update is necessary or so. That gives the user an impression that, before the update, a weak product was actually delivered-and not once, but more such updates sometimes leave concerned users with no choice but to give up using Adobe products whenever affordable. That is probably one of the many reasons for rising popularity of newly introduced pdf-readers.

Recently I have noticed, a kind of shocking fact that Adobe Flash Player download and auto-updater works in a way that does not coincide with the mental model of the user in anyway. If a user decides to avoid Adobe updaters nagging for permission on a regular basis, and set an auto-update option; the updater will still come up with a flash screen and ask for permission to download! The dilemma is, now if the user decides not to download the product; it will be automatically downloaded in 45 days anyway. Certainly shows Adobe’s least interest for incorporating user experience design knowledge into its product, or something else?