I am currently involved in number of research projects with different roles.

1. PatNet project
( Hosted in Dynamics Lab, UCD-Geary Institute, University College Dublin, Ireland)

PatNet is lead by
Professor Dr. Diane Payne,
The Director of Dynamics Lab and the Head of the School.

In the PatNet project, I am serving as the Technical Lead of the team.

Dynamics Lab UCD Nasim Mahmud PatNet HCI Social Computing

There is relatively little systematic research to date on the use and impact of social media in healthcare management, how health care professional and patients behave through interaction in social media forums and how these new lateral forms of information diffusion impact on individual healthcare practitioner learning and decision making. This research project will first map the network structure and actor attributes over time of one or more selected on-line patient groups. Second, it will develop cross-sectional and longitudinal network models to explore the importance of individual behavioural attributes and network structures for different type of information diffusion and learning behaviours across patients and professionals via the social media usec. It will aim to study the impact of social media on the adoption rate (innovation) of a new “treatment” (e.g medication, therapy, etc) in the patient group over time. This project is led by Dr Diane Payne at the Dynamics Lab and is funded under the UCD Strategic and Major Initiatives Scheme 2012.

More could be found here: PatNet on Dynamics Lab

2. AUTHENTIC: Autonomic Home Area Network Infrastructure Project
(AUTHENTIC is hosted in multiple institutes)

AUTHENTIC is lead by
Professor Prof. Gregory O’Hare
Director of Earth Institute,
University College Dublin

In the AUTHENTIC project, I help with the HCI issues of the project. I also help with the data analysis.

AUTHENTIC Nasim HCI Social Computing IERC AUTHENTIC Nasim HCI Social Computing Enterprize Ireland Nasim HCI Social Computing

This project seeks to design and deliver a Home Area Network (HAN) infrastructure capable of supporting opportunistic decision making pertaining to effective energy management within the home. This will necessitate the potential integration of key enabling technologies including a variety of physical sensors within the home (temperature, contact sensors, passive Infra-Red), cyber sensor sources outside of the home (e.g. meteorological data and energy providers dynamic pricing sites), together with effective interfacing with the smart grid beyond the home.

Such interventions will necessitate intelligent decision-making based upon a variety of potentially distributed, incomplete, contradictory and noisy sensor inputs and will thus harness multi-agent based reasoning. Recommendations or actuations will be governed by a number of operational constraints that must be adhered to and as such will utilize constraint based reasoning.

More could be found here: AUTHENTIC on IERC

Some other projects I am either was involved or currently involved are, SocialTEC,  HAMiGram and Traffic Network Analysis in Dhaka Metropolitan City.