Project Outline

SocialTEC: Socially Traveling Engines for Commuters
(A mobile social service to find affordable passengers’ seat for commuting)

This project focuses on systemically reducing the number of private vehicles on the street from the complex traffic systems in large cities. The focus of the project aims to look from a different perspective-increasing the efficiency of resources by sharing it among commuters. In large cities many office goers commute from satellite cities (e.g., from Upsala to Stockholm, etc.).

It is common that many people commute using public transports (e.g., locomotives, buses, etc.). However, a large number of people prefer to take their cars for variety of reasons. This project aims to develop a social computing system that encourages as well as aids commuters to share the unused passengers’ seats of their car. At the same time, it lets a commuter to find an affordable passengers’ seat in a more social and ecological way. In approach it will be possible to ensure that the underutilized seats of privately owned cars are utilized in an optimal way.

This project concentrates on improving the traffic system by reducing number of vehicles on the roads. Moreover, the utility of a car increases, i.e. each car on the road can be better utilized with passengers having common or nearly common destinations. This also helps to reduce regular vehicle pollutants and brings positive changes in the environment. Additionally, social cars can be a mediator in creating social bonding among the passengers taking rides.

Contact:  nasim __DOT__ Mahmud __@__ ULAB.EDU.BD