CSE 440 Spring 2013 – Assignment

Assignment 1 (Close)

Assignment 2 (Close)

Assignment 3 (Close)

Assignment 4 (Part I and Part II)(Close)


The prototype website will be about you! (Not a company website that you are interested in.) The idea is to see, 1. how you present yourself, 2. how you organize information about yourself.

If you were given a task to design, develop and evaluate a website for an organization, then definitely you will have to do research on that organization. Without observing users from the organization and target users, discussing with them, an interaction designer should not develop a website, not at all!

So, the assignment is about you. Why?
Now, you can actually think about yourself.
Now the problem domain lies in doing research about you, instead of an organization.
Furthermore, you “probably” have yourself with you, even in the hartals 🙂 So, you can think about yourself and, think about how you want to present yourself. How you want yourself to be viewed by others, and be perceived by others. Lets think!

Part 1 (Close)

Reading About

1. Prototyping

2. Rapid prototyping

3. Sketching

4. Low fidelity prototyping

Then design a personal website with at least four pages (you may like to add more, its up to you). Present a rough sketch of the prototype. Then present a better or fine sketch.

Part 2 (Close)

Reading about:

1. Hi fidelity prototype

2. Find at least two real life examples

Then present the work that you have done in part one using a PowerPoint presentation. Or any other software presentation that shows that the presentation can be altered at any time as per ‘the customer’s’ request.

This hi fidelity should be more detail, should look nearly as the original, but it should look as if it can be customized at any time. The structure should be nearly final — and the students should be able to explain the constraints, design choice, and should be able to discuss the reasons for not choosing other design over the chosen one. A short interview will take place as an evaluation.

Submission: Submission is online submission (send email with subject “HCI Assignment 4 Part 2”)

Due Date: 20th March, 02:39 PM (Before class)

Assignment 5 (Part I) (Close)

Now that you have your

1 low fidelity prototype evaluated and

2. hi-fidelity prototype evaluated

Now its time to go for the first final approach – developing the actual interactive system (i.e., in this case personal web portal). So, start playing with the tools and technologies for developing a website. In this part-1, you are only asked to develop the home page, make all the links visible. You may add other pages, which is not required at this stage. However, the home page should be complete and ready for a demonstration.

One important note: I have noticed that some students have made very nice websites, however, which is not the goal. The goal is to make what we have seen from paper/ppt prototypes (from assignment 4 I and II).

For hosting your site, you may consider using free blog hosting sites like,

For graphics:

  • Pixler.com

For color:

  • http://colorschemedesigner.com/
  • https://kuler.adobe.com/

For tag cloud:

  • http://www.wordle.net/

You may look into,

Two simple and very easy frameworks,

  • www.wordpress.com
  • www.joomla.com

And some blog hosting sites:

  • http://tumblr.com/
  • http://www.wix.com/
  • www.wordpress.com
  • www.joomla.com
  • http://www.weebly.com/
  • http://www.tumblr.com/
  • www.blogger.com

 And many…. (Do some googling)

Your task is simple: however it is required that you do it efficiently. therefore, before giving too much time on it, spend time on studying or googling, check how to do this or that efficiently using what free or online tool. (For example, you may spend hours to find a suitable – matching color for what you like. Then just go to one of the website like (https://kuler.adobe.com/) and you do the same job, in less than 5 minutes, ¡Hola! )

A scree shot of https://kuler.adobe.com/

A scree shot of https://kuler.adobe.com/

Happy Interactive Systems Designing 🙂

Submission: By email, using ulab email address only. Sharp deadline!

Incremental evaluation due Date: 23th March, 11:59 (Mid-night)  (60% Work should be done by this time)

Due Date: 25th March, 2:59 (noon)