Dr. Nasim Mahmud deals with a range of research projects and guides students with their research projects. However, he is currently available for consultancy work. Usually he prefers to take projects that have unsolved inner complexity where standard solutions fail to address those problems. For example a web service that manages a traffic system, e-governess or even a railway system where conventional payment system or user authentication system does not apply. An important point to note is, as a consultant, Dr. Nasim Mahmud is not an agency or does not work for any agency.

He prefers to provide creative solutions that comply with the norms of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). He usually prefers to guide projects and most of its aspects from its very early states. His solutions are well structured, outcome of in depth research. He prefers to evaluate the outcome system in the context. Therefore, his approach makes sure that the project is foolproof from its early stages. He is an expert in finding and troubleshooting problems that are rooted in the sphere of our daily lives. His interest and expertise in understanding user needs and designing an interactive system that solve the problem; afterwards, evaluating the system with appropriate scientific methodologies ensure the success of a project. He provides strategically viable solutions for any complex problems within a project. He provides advice on:

  • Information architecture,
  • Information organization,
  • Usability and
  • User experience design.

He is interested in ‘socially connected’ unstructured data. And he helps his clients to organize and put it in an optimal order. He also provides social computing systems (e.g., building in house social networks and online collaboration platform  for the employees) to organizations that help to improve the quality of collaboration among the employees and also helps to maintain transparency in task completion.

Reference work:
Sussex College, UK
Bangladesh Online Radio, Bangladesh (personal entrepreneurship)
Ministry of Science and Technology (ICT-Kaliakoir-Education)
Project HAMiGram (ULAB)